How the DNA of America, Freemasonry, and Providence Created a New World Order with Nobody in Charge

“A tour de force.” ~ Professor LINCOLN BLOOMFIELD, professor of political science emeritus, MIT

“In this carefully researched book … He provides an interesting approach for analyzing the nation’s commercial roots.” ~ WALTER ISAACSON, president, The Aspen Institute and author of Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs

“This is a timely antidote to ahistorical pessimism.” ~ Professor DAVID LAMPTON, George Hyman professor of China studies, Johns Hopkins University

Photo of Trade for Peace book cover“Like de Tocqueville, Mendis sees cultural connections that those born in the U.S. often overlook. Economic nationalists . . . will be forced to think again.” ~ Professor ROBERT KUDRLE, Orville Freeman professor of international trade policy, University of Minnesota

“Get to know this patriotic citizen and award-winning American educator ….” ~ Senator GEORGE ALLEN, former U.S. senator and Virginia governor

“Impressive and useful ….” ~ Ambassador MAX KAMPELMAN, former counselor to the U.S. State Department

“For those who are interested in American foreign and trade policies, this work connects the dots from the Founding Fathers’ global vision to the global marketplace within which America competes today” [From the foreword] ~ BRIAN ATWOOD, professor and former dean, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

“His insights [are] immensely valuable.”~ Ambassador RONALD LEHMAN, director of the Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“One of our most original thinkers on global economic issues …” ~ Ambassador SHAUN DONNELLY, former U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka

“In a time of economic crisis … Patrick Mendis offers us the ‘back to basics’ historical context that we need.”~ Professor KENNETH GOODPASTER, David and Barbara Koch Endowed Chair in Business Ethics, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis