The Secret Destiny of the American Empire

“A unique and insightful analysis of the power of freedom and the globalizing spirit of our republic … I recommend it to you very enthusiastically.” ~ Senator THOMAS DASCHLE, former U.S. Senate majority leader

Photo of Commercial Providence book cover“An original and fascinating interpretation …. His account puts current policy discussions in a new light. I enjoyed reading this book and … valuable to anyone.” JAMES FALLOWS, The Atlantic Monthly and National Public Radio

“Mendis presents an optimistic view of the American experiment and a useful framework for leaders in contemporary crisis situations” [From the foreword]. ~ Professor STEPHEN TRACHTENBERG, president emeritus, George Washington University

“Like Alexis de Tocqueville … This is an optimistic book about America’s destiny and a needed antidote to the current pessimism and historical conspiracy we often read in the media.” ~ Rear Admiral WILLIAM SIZEMORE (Ret.), U.S. Navy and author of Dynamic Freedoms

“Eye-opening … [book] has enormous relevance for today.” ~ Ambassador FRANK LOY, former undersecretary of state for global affairs under President Bill Clinton

“His thoughtful analysis of America’s founding vision is incisive, optimistic, and innovative. This naturalized U.S. citizen has a clear and cogent message to our foes as well as our friends: America will succeed; it is embedded in our destiny.”~ Ambassador PAULA DOBRIANSKY, former undersecretary of state for democracy and global affairs under President George W. Bush

“Mendis changes the way we look at our history, policy and trade.” Dr. PAULA STERN, former chairwoman of the U.S. International Trade Commission

“A stunning exposition … with profound implications for remaking America’s role in the world.” Professor and Director LAURENCE SIMON, Heller School of Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, Boston

“A masterful analysis of the role of international trade …” Distinguished McKnight University Professor FORD RUNGE, University of Minnesota